OVER THE MOON πŸŒ™ is the first free-standing diaper/period/hygiene bank in Savannah and the Georgia coastal community. We provide free diapers, wipes, potty training kits, and basic hygiene supplies –including incontinence, period products, and disaster relief kits– to families and those in need through provider partner agencies.

OVER THE MOON (OTM) πŸŒ™ was founded in 2019 by Savannahian, Katie Griffith, who first learned of “diaper need” when Hurricane Harvey struck Texas and Louisiana in August 2017.Β  After donating to the Texas Diaper Bank, she felt the need for a similar, local, charitable organization in the Georgia coastal community where poverty, hurricanes, and now the COVID-19 pandemic threaten more than 1 in 3 families’ health by limiting their access to basic hygiene staples. With help from wonderful, generous, and supportive friends, community volunteers, individual donors, and partner agencies, OTM πŸŒ™ now collects and distributes necessities to babies, toddlers, youth, adults, and seniors throughout the coastal Georgia region including diapers, period products, incontinence supplies, disaster relief kits, and other basic essentials.

MISSION: OTM πŸŒ™  partners with local provider agencies to supply free diapers, wipes, hygiene products, and other basic essentials to families in need and to those affected by natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic, all while raising community awareness of basic health and hygiene needs, diaper lack, and period poverty.

VISION: OTM πŸŒ™ aims to reduce diaper need and to improve hygiene health in Savannah and the Georgia coastal community to keep babies clean, healthy, happy, safe, and dry because every baby deserves a fresh start and so do their loved ones.